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Anaerobic Workstation


brand : (주)비전


※제품 용량 확인 바랍니다.※


ANAEROBIC CHAMBER SYSTEM is optimized for  Anaerobic Incubation test   


Anaerobic Bacteriology

ㆍOffering  the best condition for Culture of Anaerobic Microorganism

ㆍO2 volume in chamber is kept on less 1% 

ㆍSample condition are set automatically before  sample is came into the Chamber by Air Lock Pass Box

ㆍLess Gas Consumption Built in Natural Air Flow Incubator(Standard)

ㆍAvailable Glove-free Type ( Option )




Test condition can be set easily by PID Controller is focus on Customer’s convenience and expediency, 
High Precision incubation is available by Auto-Tuning function.

High efficiency test can be possible by trustworthy safety device.







 Controller for Incubator

Anaerobic Workstation included

Vacuum pump and incubator

Pass Box for prevention of pollution





Feature for Anaerobic Workstation

. There are included Incubator, Vacuum Pump, Catalyst and Drilite pack.

. The best condition on Vacuum Anaerobic test. 

. This unit is the incubator for Tissue culture room of hospital, Laboratory and

  Food chemistry room and others to be cultured common germs (colon bacterium , Vacteria, etc..).

  Beside of germs culturing, this unit is used for storage test, environmental change test.

. Precision control is possible by DIGITAL PID CONTROLLER. 

. Realization of anaerobic condition.   

. Auto tuning function for high degree of precision 

. There is included Natural convection type of incubator.

. Pass box for pollution prevention from outside.

. Recommendable Gas rate : Mix Gas(H2 5%, Co2 5%,N2 90%) , N2 Gas(99%)

※  Mix gas rate and using method are different depends on test purpose and method.



VS-5600A, 5600-01

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